ICDSoft is a Linux-based web hosting provider that comes with a range of plans and features. It was initially software before it started offering web hosting services in 1999. It has since grown to become one of the most popular web hosting providers out there because it’s based in over 140 countries. Here are the features that make ICDSoft stand out as a web hosting provider:

ICDSoft Web Hosting comes with 24/7 tech support

ICDSoft’s highest priority is excellent customer support. They have a highly skilled team of tech support that is available around-the-clock to help you out whenever you need it. Once you submit your ticket, expect a response within the hour.

ICDSoft web hosting comes with 100-day money back guarantee

This ensures that you’re satisfied with the web hosting service before full software purchase. If the web hosting service doesn’t match your needs and goals, you shoot them an email or contact them through the ticketing system to unsubscribe.

ICDSoft web hosting offers daily backups

You get daily backups of files, MySQL databases and email on your account. You are also free to create and download your backups. You can also choose to store them in your web hosting account.

ICDSoft web hosting comes with an online control panel

They have an in-house developed control panel that lets you manage each feature of your web hosting account.

The web hosting solution comes with webmail

You can access the webmail via your browser. The webmail encompasses email filters, an address book, as well as the multi-language interface. With webmail solution, you can read, save, edit, forward and edit your messages, as well as set privacy options and customize the majority of the features.

ICDSoft web hosting allows you to host any domain extension

The web hosting solution will enable you to host any domain name extension

The web hosting solution comes with Automated Monitoring System

The web hosting platform is monitored in real-time. That means they can identify any connectivity issues and initiate corrective measures early. Also, every server gathers data about the different services running on it, such as MySQL, web, mail, FTP and much more and conveys the report to the Automated Monitoring System in real time.


Other great features you’ll get with ICDSoft web hosting solution include super-fast servers, spam protection capabilities, website statistics, password protected directories, cron jobs, SSL, SSH access, unlimited email accounts and more. This is one hosting provider you need to try.

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