The owner of a domain name is the person who currently possesses it. While that is an obvious explanation, there are aspects you might not know about domain name registration

Your domain name details are publicly available in the Whois database after domain name registration

Once you register your domain name, the details are transferred to the domain Whois database where just about anyone can access it. But you can choose to keep those details private. All you need to do is contact your registrar, and they will activate domain name privacy protection by posting their corporate information, instead of your domain details. However, even with the activation of the domain privacy protection, you still have complete control of your domain name.

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If you leverage domain name privacy when performing domain name registration and the registrar closes shop, you run the risk of losing your rights

Some registrars know about this and shield their customers’ privacy with the aid of a third party, such as escrow just in case the registrar closes shop due to bankruptcy or other issues.

Who controls the domain name after domain name registration?

If you have the domain’s username, password, email, as well as administrative features, then you’re the legal owner of the domain name.

You own the domain name after domain name registration as long as you renew it and take care of the fees

If you leave your domain to expire, the registrar gives you a grace period to pay and retain the domain name. During the grace period, the registrar can list the domain for sale, but you still have the first right of purchase. But there is a catch: You’ll have to pay a fine for waiting for too long to renew the domain name.

If you perform domain name registration and a trademark issue comes up, you could lose the domain

The registrar allows you to solve trademark issues through agreement, arbitration or court action before they can transfers or cancel the domain name. You can always check out the ICCAN website to read content related to trademark violation.

The registrar cannot initiate a refund after domain name registration

If you buy your domain name together with a web hosting package and want to cancel all of them, the web hosting provider will only refund the cost related to web hosting and not the domain name. Simply stated, no registrar can refund a domain name once registered. That’s why you should be careful when looking for domain name ideas and choosing one to register.

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